Cofee & Hot Chocolate

The Taste & Flavor Profiles

The specialty Arabica coffees of majestic Africa are considered to be some of the world’s most exquisite. The dramatically high elevations and lush soil conditions are optimal for the cultivation of premium coffee. There are significant differences between countries in the region; however, in general, washed African Arabica coffees are bright, balanced and contain a citrus, berry, winy, chocolate, fruity, or floral essence. Africa is obviously a huge continent. It’s over 30 million kilometers; that’s bigger than the United States, China and India combined. So when we say “coffee from Africa” let’s remember that we’re talking about many different regions. In fact, while Ethiopia and Kenya are well-known as coffee producers, countries like Angola, Burundi, Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo are amongst some of Africa’s many producers.


Hot Chocolate

Serengeti Hot Chocolate package contains handpicked, naturally harvested 100% cocoa beans from Ghana and Liberia, West Africa. Chocolate connoisseurs agree that the world’s finest cocoa beans are grown in West Africa. These cocoa beans are dried between banana leaves in the warm African sun, then roasted, ground and pressed in a state-of-the-art facility to extract the finest natural cocoa powder found anywhere in the world. The focus is to produce a superb cocoa product for your enjoyment. This creates a spectacular cocoa product. The fresh taste excites chocolate lovers the world over. You will notice the rich aroma, and smooth silky taste of this extraordinary hot cocoa. We have a selection of Flavors to pick from. Come experience the exciting silky magic of Serengeti’s original hot cocoa. This drink will satisfy and warm the souls of the young and young at heart. From the most demanding gourmands to the most obsessed chocoholics, all will love this true taste treat.