About Us


The Serengeti Kitchen introduces the history, magic, sumptuous taste and exotic flavors of Africa. The recipes, the aromas, and the culinary history kept in boxes, journals, and the African kitchen come to life in our signature dishes. Visiting villages, asking questions, tasting and eating the African culture encapsulate the passion we bring to you. Serengeti Kitchen’s food is amazing, alive, and full of delicious surprises. A timeless sensuality, Serengeti Kitchen titillates West Harlem’s boom with Caranda-Martin’s piquant elevations of traditional, Contemporary and regional African cuisine served in a comfortable and casual, sexy atmosphere. Caranda-Martin recalls some of his greatest memories while growing up in Liberia and while traveling with grandma throughout Africa, including tasting exotic recipes from his grandmother’s kitchen and collecting wild harvested herbs, teas and specialty herbs, meats, root vegetables, sea foods and fish to make amazingly delicious meals. The authenticity that makes Serengeti Kitchen stems from these experiences with a culinary gastronomy focus that positions us unlike any other African focused Restaurant in New York City. We welcome you to join us on this culinary journey.


At the forefront of African Tea Gastronomy, we continually draw from our vast collection of fine harvested teas and signature blends of related products. Integrating a myriad of these signature teas and specialty blended products into delicious brews for your enjoyment and in recipes is a precious component of our tasting service. Imparting superbly unique flavors that celebrate the taste buds, tantalizing the palate, and introducing a whole new world of sensations and flavors to gourmands and tea lovers is the experience that awaits you and your guests. We can also accommodate groups for sit down brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner specialties. Tea is woven into every aspect of the tasting meal which is an unmistakable nuance that deliciously enhances each phase of your visit. Each tasting is customized based on the needs of the client. We arrange tasting that can include 3 to 4 teas of various types from our collections.

Contemporary African Cuisine

An African Culinary Gastronomy is a feasible dream. This statement made by our founder Caranda Martin summarizes the trajectory of the Serengeti Kitchen Restaurant. Step out of the comfort zone with a new African gastronomic experience, reviving and enhancing the most authentic flavors of Africa’s cuisine according to the cooking cultures in the rural, coastal, land lock and forest regions of this beautiful continent.
Utilizing traditional African cooking techniques of old world Africa with Caranda Martin’s contemporary culinary touch to transform African dishes into innovative presentations of flavor and food bliss is the Serengeti Kitchen objective.

Our Guests

Our thoughts on the guest experience can be summed up more simply than one might imagine: Amazing Fun, Exotic, Refreshing, Organic, Healthy, Evolving and Delicious. Implementing that goal, however, requires imagination, hard work, and a dedicated team of remarkable people we are so excited to always work with.

Our Founder:


Caranda-Martin was born in Liberia, West Africa. He immigrated to United States during the Liberian civil war. He comes from a political family (his paternal grandfather was Advocate General of Liberia, his maternal grandfather was a senator) and he was witness to the destruction caused by the civil war and the decimation of his homeland. Upon coming to the United States he decided he needed to document his life experiences growing up in West Africa and the horror of death and destruction during Liberian War. He gravitated to the visual arts and began showing his mix media photography, which are full of imagery depicting the difficulty of war and race, and he began to achieve commercial success and critical acclaim. Eventually he added painting and mixed political text installations to his oeuvre and had many gallery shows. His work is in the collection of The Smithsonian Institute, has been shown at the Venice Biennale, the Istanbul Biennial, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Ringling Museum and many others. His work is in the collection of noted collectors such as Paul Jones and Peter Klein. His work has been featured on BET, in the New York Times, numerous magazines, journals, and books.
After all this acclaim as a visual artist, Caranda-Martin decided to address the issues facing his homeland head-on. He founded Project Momentum, a non-profit 501c3 corporation to distribute pharmaceuticals, and medical aid to areas in need in West Africa (primarily in Liberia). Project Momentum has been an extremely successful NGO delivering over 20 million dollars worth of medical aid during its existence. Project Momentum has also been involved with bringing doctors to Liberia, working with the Mercy Ship, Charity Water and assessing where medical aid is needed.

Four years ago, after searching the markets for African foods reminiscent of his homeland, he noticed a shortage of these types of goods available. Inspired by his paternal grandmother and his training as a chef with a life-long interest in food culture he founded Serengeti Teas & Spices more recently Serengeti Kitchen. This company was founded as an answer to the lack of quality African goods available and has gained an audience by referencing African recipes and food ideas and translating them for an international market.
With the advent of Serengeti Kitchen, Caranda-Martin has created a venue to showcase all of his talents. Serengeti Kitchen will focus on African inspired foods reinterpreted with a global outreach for a new millennium. The Serengeti Kitchen locations will be filled with art created by Caranda-Martin while serving recipes developed by the mind of an international artist. The company is bringing a modern interpretation to centuries old African food traditions. A true renaissance man Caranda-Martin interprets Africa for the modern world in everything he involves himself with. He seeks nothing less than a paradigm shift in the world’s consciousness informing and inspiring all those willing to hear his message heralding a new Africa.