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African Cuisine

An African Culinary Gastronomy is a feasible dream. This statement made by our founder Caranda Martin summarizes the trajectory of the Serengeti Kitchen Restaurant.
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Coffee / Hot Chocolate

The specialty Arabica coffees of majestic Africa are considered to be some of the world’s most exquisite.

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At the forefront of African Tea Gastronomy, we continually draw from our vast collection of fine harvested teas and signature blends of related products.
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Wine / Beer

We continually work on improving our inventory, constantly in search of the best quality to value ratio. Our mission is to offer a broad selection for the budding enthusiast and the seasoned connoisseur.
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Tea Infused Cocktails

SK is known for its unique decor and distinctive cocktail program. The cocktail and bar menu features a selection of sweet and savory bites and a wide selection of wines, craft beers, tea infused cocktails, sangrias, African Palm
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